Your stories

Lucy’s story, written in her own words, of her years of abuse: Lucys Story.pdf

John has shared his story of his abusive father, you can read it here: Johns Story.pdf

Joanna Brown has shared her abuse story, you can read it here: Survivors Story.pdf

If you have experienced domestic abuse and would like to share your (anonymous) story, a poem or article that you feel could be an encouragement to others, please contact us on the online contact form.

Domestic abuse stories help other victims realise they are not alone. By being able to read other people’s domestic violence stories it can help the victim realise that not only are they not alone, but what they are experiencing is unacceptable and must change.

Sharing your domestic violence stories can widen your network of support and help someone else who is feeling as alone and afraid as you once were or still are.


One of our lovely service users has made a video to share her story and her experience of domestic abuse:

You’re Not Alone

Many thanks Amani for allowing us to share this.


Two Women Tell Their Stories

two women tell thier stories of domestic abuse

A Man’s Story

men suffer domestic violence

Patrick Stewart Talks About His Experience of Domestic Abuse As a Child

patrick Stewart talks about domestic violence

Keira Knightley’s Women’s Aid Domestic Abuse Advert

keira knightley domestic violence advert


Mental Abuse Matters – animation explaining Mental Abuse – www.mentalabusematters.com